Why talk to us?

About us…

Digital Content Systems Ltd is a software development business, based in Cambridge, UK.

Whatever your software needs are, web based or otherwise – talk to us!

Long term or short term

Long term or short term…
Part-time or full-time…
One person or a team.

Maybe you need someone to maintain your site,
but you only need them for one or two days per week or per month…

…Or maybe you need all hands on deck, to get something done as soon as possible.

Maybe you need just one more guy to help your team out for a while…

…Or you want a complete team – graphic design, software development and QA.

We can help you make any of these work.

Modern web development skills

We can create a new website for you. Or maintain and enhance your existing one.

We use WordPress or Drupal, and are expert in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and MySQL, on Windows or Linux.

Apps and mobile

With HTML5 technology we can create a mobile version of your site which will look good on any modern smartphone or tablet.

For example, this site adapts to smaller devices – just shrink your browser window to give it a try!

We’re not currently in the business of creating iPhone or Android apps.

Legacy systems

Happy to maintain your legacy systems too!

With many years of experience in software development, we aren’t afraid of older technologies. If you need someone to maintain, bug-fix or update a legacy system, even if it isn’t web-based – talk to us.

We’ve looked after systems written in C, C++, Java, Perl and many others (including FORTRAN !) – web-based or otherwise.

Professional, robust development

Version control – we always use version-control software whether you request it or not. We recommend Git.

Industry-standard tools – both open-source and commercial – Eclipse IDE, Adobe Creative Suite, Drupal, Apache, MySQL, Google Analytics and many more.

We will usually set up task-tracking software for you – to let you track our progress, record any bugs found, and predict whether the project is on track. We recommend Basecamp.

We’re not Agile fanatics. But we will work (and have often worked) in an agile environment, if you have already adopted it.

Web hosting – we can handle the deployment of your site to UK-based web hosting.

Graphic design skills

We can provide graphic designers who use Adobe Creative Suite to provide polished graphic assets for your site, making the user experience smooth and impressive.


Often you will want your own staff to test a new site or system, perhaps as part of training them. That’s fine. If you need to give your site really exhaustive test coverage, we can also provide qualified system testers.

Content management systems

If you need a content management system (CMS), or you think you might, talk to us. We have set up many websites based on WordPress and Drupal, the most popular CMSes on the Internet.